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A Bright clean design and open layout is the theme in this Shaughnessy penthouse, feeling like more space than its square footage betrays.  A concise concept from both the owner and architect, this project was mainly custom built with inspiration driving our choices as we went.  Inspired features include the kitchen island that is one solid piece we brought in by crane, and a laundry room beautiful enough to live in.  The main bathroom is a design wonder on its own, and the deck has an incredible view whether you're gazing at the cityscape or the stunning green wall.


The homeowners had a beautiful character home on a large lot which they wanted to subdivide but couldn't bear to tear this beauty down.  The house was raised, relocated to one side of the property and finished beautifully to create a gorgeous home that they can feel good about preserving.  


The oldest neighborhood in town is the newest hot spot for artists and professionals to call home.  Turning an industrial space into living areas posed a unique set of construction challenges.  Starting with an empty shell, we worked around the many constraints of a heritage status building with brick walls and wood beams that could not be altered.  In the end they lend a unique quality to the bright and open space and contemporary finishings create a sleek and balanced home.

This mid-century bungalow was transformed into a beautiful new home with a classic craftsman style.  The long-time property owners and family of five had a tight timeline and budget with high expectations that both would be met.  The challenges of putting a new building on an old structure were met along with the schedule and the budget to create a warm and comfortable home with a seamless blend of modern and classic designs.



The owners of this home wanted to stay true to the original character and design of their early-century home, so when it came time for some needed restoration they were happy to resist the typical urge to update and opted to keep the classic style of their home alive.  The front exterior of this house was completely renovated while the look the house had when it was originally built was maintained.


A home designed for a young couple to express their style with a bright and open space.  This was a full renovation that was highly customized with unique features like the open staircase and gorgeous master bath.  A modern home that fits well in its urban neighborhood.


The traditional design of this house was transformed into a smart, modern, open concept home through the detailed guidance of a homeowner with a concise vision in mind.  The entire plan was incredibly well thought out from the inside out with many features built-in to maximize space and function.  Air and light are prominent in every room giving you the feeling that the outdoors are never far from reach.


A family envisions a few updates to tailor this home for them.  An addition to the back of the house allowed for the large dining area needed for this family of seven. Both the front entry and back patio were customized with architectural concrete and custom finishing.  Beyond what is shown here, additonal renovations were completed such as an expansion to the top floor and a custom built slide to make getting down to the main floor more fun for a house full of children!

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