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We are known to love a challenge and this embankment-perched home was no exception in terms of construction challenges and assembling a team of skilled trades to bring it all together.  With the vision of architect John Henshaw the team powered through construction on a steep hill requiring not only a large retaining wall but a serious set of stairs to the front entry.   With the direction of interior designer Joy Chao we assembled a beautifully sleek and modern space inside defined by open air features like floating stairs and seamless room transitions, while exterior features like custom siding and classic west coast materials define the face of the home.  Yet another defining project for us that represents everything we love about Vancouver design.


This spectacular home was one of the more challenging to build and thus a great source of pride and accomplishment for all involved.  Working with renowned architects McLeod Bovell was a thrill and the exceptional skill of their design is obvious when reading this article that practically gushes about the beauty and magnitude of this house.  The magazine examines even further the unique and dramatic kitchen in this article. The distinctive features are endless in this home.  From the exterior features and materials to the incredible pivoting front door, from the bank of doors that open up the entire ocean facing side of the house to the  sparkling cliff-top pool, the features go on and on.  The construction of this house was an epic feat in bringing together a magical team of skilled trades that could handle the challenges of building on the edge of a steep rock bluff.  This project is sure to provide a surplus of inspiration for anyone who dreams of a home like this. For an interactive view of this home watch the video.


NB Crescent Beach House DSC_1049 (Large)

This family home was such a pleasure for us to build.  It has some beautifully classic features such as the barrel-vaulted ceiling running from the main entry way through the entire house and the elegant built in shelves for the library.  Classic features like the gorgeous stained glass front door are balanced out by the modern and functional kitchen.


Every vision starts somewhere, in this case it started with a pool… on the side of a cliff.  There were no shortages of design ideas with this highly technical project that actually required the development of new construction techniques on the go.  The home owner imagined the entire design down to the smallest detail and worked closely with a highly skilled team that beamed with pride on the completion of this stunning home.

Realtors Karim Bhatia & Kasha Rudner created a beautiful video to showcase this modern and stunning West Vancouver family home.


NB Whistler House 3.11
NB Whistler House 3.2
NB Whistler House 3.1
NB Whistler House 3.3

Designing and building a home in Whistler is all about keeping with the feeling of a modern resort town in touch with its natural surroundings.  The open concept home shown here is fresh and bright, bringing the outdoors in and creating central gathering spaces so nobody is cut off from the rest of the house.  This Alta Lake waterfront property was completely custom built in every aspect, meeting the challenges of the owners’ clear vision for this highly detailed home.  That vision included total alignment of the outside and inside of the home to create seamless continuity that required some serious precision.  An architecturally intricate home that came together with a team of local craftsman and contractors and was literally a ground breaking project that required brand new roads and services to the previously undeveloped property.


We were thrilled to contribute to Vancouver City’s brilliant Laneway Home initiative.  Clever homeowners maximize their asset while beautifying their alleyway and providing renters the opportunity to live in a standalone house in a residential community.  This home was built for a long-time client early on in the program – one of the first in fact – and was started shortly after renovations for the main home on the property were completed.


A classic craftsman style house that feels right at home in its Kerrisdale neighborhood.  This multi-generational family property was a joy to build with its heritage style, straightforward design and finishings custom built on site.  Although it was difficult for the family to tear down a home they had lived in for so many years, the young boys pitched in to help by taking shifts on the backhoe (with help from the driver of course!) allowing them to take part in building a home that would soon become special to them in a whole new way.


This luxury home in Point Grey makes wonderful use of a small but magnificant property footprint.  A dream come to life for this family of five, this home boasts intricate detailing both inside and out.  A spacious house with many rooms graciously laid out to create a comfortable living space.  The exterior is a work of art with limestone blocks and exquisite exterior detailing that may induce envy in this upscale neighborhood.


NB Shaughnessy Pool DSCN1279

Building a pool may sound like a small project compared to building a house, but this is no ordinary pool – it’s built with pieces of history.  The large stones were unearthed from below and, as it turns out, had been buried there long ago after being removed from an historical Vancouver building.  And these are no crumbly little rocks, they are serious pieces of stone that required a new access to be built in order to properly place them and the surrounding wall.  The result of all that hard work is a stunning backyard focal point that was well worth the effort.


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